Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IVF #2, Transfer

Our transfer was on Sunday, and it went very well. Dr. G called me on Sunday morning to give me the report on the health of our embryos: my clinic uses a grading system where Grade 1 - AA is the highest grade. Dr. G explained that grade 1-AA embryos are very, very rare. He told me that we had one grade 1 - AB blastocyst, and one grade 1 -BB blastocyst that were both looking spectacular, AND 2 more blastocyst stage embryos that were not far behind and looked really, really good, AND 2 more embryos that were ALMOST at the blastocyst stage and still thriving.

We agreed that since I'm 39, and this is probably our last hurrah, we would transfer 3 blasts instead of just 2. Dr. G said he felt in my situation the danger of becoming pregnant with triplets was only about 5%, and the chance of twins is about 30%.

So, we transferred the two grade 1 blasts and one of the other blastocysts. The transfer was much more comfortable this time around because I didn't drink so much water! It was so very painful for me the first time we did IVF, so I decided not to drink as much water as they recommended this time around, and it worked out much better. I've always thought I had a small bladder, and apparently I'm right, as it certainly didn't take 32 oz. to fill mine up. I drank maybe 16 oz of water before the transfer, and the doctor said my bladder was "perfectly full" and really helped to visualize everything via ultrasound.

The other new thing this time around is that the embryologist came back into the room while I was "resting" for the required 5 minutes afterward, and handed us a framed photo of our beautiful embryos. This of course, made me cry even harder than I already was. I have done nothing but stare at the picture since we got home on Sunday. I think it must help to sort of visualize them in there, making a happy home....

I just this minute got a call from my nurse, informing me that as of today, we have TWO frozen embryos!! I'm so surprised, and so excited! The doctor told us on Sunday that they would watch the remaining three of our embryos that we didn't transfer, for the next two days in the lab, to see if they would continue thriving, and that if they were robust enough by day 7, they would freeze them. But, she said it was only a 50/50 chance that they would make it. So, I'm so pleasantly surprised to learn that TWO of them made it!! I'm so proud of them!!

Anyway, I'm only in the very beginning of the two-week-wait, and I already feel like time is just draaaagggginng on. The 2ww always feels like torture to me. Nothing left to do but pray, each and every day.

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Malow said...

Hey we had a 1aa egg implanted today too! We have frozen a couple too but this is our first IVF. Good luck with everything!